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The 10 Worst Ideas Ever

So Florida International University has hired none other than Isiah Thomas to lead their basketball program. Yes, that's the same Isiah Thomas who has essentially done nothing right in life since retiring from his amazing career as a player.

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Now, a college basketball head coach has to be more than just an X's and O's guy. A family gives a college coach a teenage boy, and that coach is expected to be a parent away from home. Players at a school like FIU aren't guaranteed a pro career, so it's important that the coach prepares them for the world beyond basketball. 

So that begs the question: When it comes to preparing someone for life beyond basketball, is there a worse choice in the world than Isiah Thomas?

Truly, this is a terrible idea. But how terrible? Well, let's take a look at the 10 Worst Ideas in the History of Mankind...

10. Spam-flavored Snickers bar
9. Toronto Raptors hire Isiah Thomas as general manager
8. Hamster pants
7. Continental Basketball Association announces Isiah Thomas as league commissioner
6. Roccer Ball: The soccer ball carved out of a rock!
5. Indiana Pacers hire Isiah Thomas as head coach
4. New York Knicks hire Isiah Thomas as team president
3. The Jonas Brothers
2. Florida International hires Isiah Thomas as head coach
1. Porta Potty-scented car air fresheners

So, there you go. FIU hiring Isiah isn't the worst idea ever. It's still behind an invention that makes your car smell like a portable toilet. But really, Isiah's hiring isn't that far behind.

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(And come to think of it, are hamster pants really that bad an idea? My hamster would probably like to look a little more stylish.)