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Sneak Preview: Disney XD ESPN Sport Science

Everyone loves ESPN's Sport Science clips, right? Well, starting tomorrow, Disney XD is teaming up with ESPN to bring the science of sports to kids in Disney XD ESPN Sport Science. The first episode airs Saturday at 11 a.m.!

If you haven't seen Sport Science before, here's the deal. Host John Brenkus and a new co-host, black belt martial artist and Kickin' It star Leo Howard, team up to attach some numbers, run some experiments, and really just find some cool facts about the actions you see star athletes take part in every game.

Check out the first clip, a breakdown of San Francisco 49ers star tight end Vernon Davis's pass-catching ability. And, run-after-the-catch ability. How long it takes his brain to just locate the ball? How quickly can he rotate his shoulders and square up for contact? After you watch, can you guess how many pounds of force he uses when he crashes into the tackling dummy? (Make your guess, then click here for the answer!)

In the second clip below, watch Leo try to take on a 300-pound punching bag, the equivalent of an NFL lineman. Think that's going to work out for him?