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Exclusive First Look: Jeff Gordon Zooms Onto Disney XD’s “Penn Zero”

NASCAR superstar Jeff Gordon is known for his moves on the track. But next week, he’s going to show us what he can do from the broadcast booth. Well, sort of.

On Monday, Gordon lends his voice to Disney XD’s animated show Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero. In the episode “Chuckle City 500,” Penn Zero and a few other characters compete in a clown-style race to see who will become the next mayor of Chuckle City. And calling the race is a rodeo clown announcer, a mustachioed joker in a barrel brought to life by Jeff Gordon.

Check out an exclusive clip from the episode:

“Chuckle City 500” airs on Disney XD at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Photos: Disney XD

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