First Look: Team Hot Wheels: Origin of Awesome

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Hilly Woodlands is the slowest town in the world. But four kids — Gage, Wyatt, Brandon, and Rhett — have a serious need for speed. The skilled racers get a chance at lives in the fast lane when a mystery car shows up, creates a crazy orange track, and turns ordinary cars into wild Mutant Machines. To save their city, Gage, Wyatt, Brandon, and Rhett must work together as Team Hot Wheels to send the monster vehicles to a permanent pit stop.

That’s the set up for the new animated movie Team Hot Wheels: Origin of Awesome,available on iTunes today and hitting DVD on September 30. The film brings Hot Wheels play to life like never before — and it gives your imagination the fuel to create your own crazy Team Hot Wheels adventures.

Check out this exclusive clip from the movie, and learn more about it in the iTunes store.

team hot wheels origin of awesome