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Exclusive Clip: Dodgers Outfielder Andre Ethier Stops by Disney XD's Lab Rats

New York Comic Con is happening this weekend in Manhattan, but over on Disney XD the characters of the show Lab Rats have their own pop culture convention going on. At the show, Leo and Davenport compete to win a walk-on role in a sci-fi movie. Meanwhile, Adam, Bree, and Chase go looking for the star of one of their favorite movies, Alien Gladiators (in costume, of course).

That star happens to be played by Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier. And for any Dodgers fans bummed that the team lost to the Cardinals in the NLDS, seeing Ethier get caught up in some Lab Ratshijinks might be a good way to lighten the mood.

Here's an exclusive clip from Ethier's guest starring role in the show:

Check out Andre Ethier's episode of Lab Rats when it airs Monday, October 13, at 6:15 ET/PT on Disney XD!

Photo: Disney XD/Tony Rivetti

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