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Sabre Tyler Ennis Scores Incredible No-Look Goal

Last month, Boston Bruin Seth Griffith scored what many people — including us — thought was a sure-fire goal of the year candidate. No way someone could top the trickery of it. But in hockey skill always wins out, and Buffalo Sabres center Tyler Ennis put on a show over the weekend.

In the first few minutes of Friday’s game between Buffalo and the Montreal Canadiens, Ennis picked up a loose puck, streaked down the wing, splitting the D. What happened when he got to the net was, well, just watch:

Between the defensemen, off the goalie, no-look rebound, nothing but net!

Sabres fans haven’t had much to get excited about the last few years. (And this year, the team might be tanking in an attempt to land Connor McDavid in the upcoming draft.) But Ennis has been one of their bright spots. And if he has a few more goals like this up his sleeve, he could single-handedly make this team worth watching. And in this case, Ennis' second effort helped the Sabres to a 4-3 shootout victory.

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