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Top Five Moments of Martin Brodeur's Career

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Legendary NHL goaltender Martin Brodeur announced his retirement today after a short, seven-game comeback attempt with the St. Louis Blues. Brodeur, who spent 21 seasons with the New Jersey Devils before signing on with the Blues, will accept a front office job in St. Louis before presumably taking a similar role next season in New Jersey.

So what do you say about a goalie who won three Stanley Cups and more regular season games than anyone else in the history of hockey? The netminder's career was as lengthy as it was memorable, so it was no small task condensing it to just these five highlights:

5. So Many Saves

It's hard to pick a best save for Martin Brodeur — there's so many! Take your pick. 

4. He Picks His Son

When the New Jersey Devils hosted the NHL draft in 2013, they had a special moment in mind. Trading back into the seventh round, the New Jersey selected Anthony Brodeur, also a goalie. And they let dad announce the pick to an ecstatic Prudential Center crowd.

3. The First Cup

The Devils would ultimately play 205 playoff games with Brodeur on the team, winning three Stanley Cups. But Brodeur's first Cup win in 1995 is probably the most impressive. Just 22, Brodeur led playoff goalies with a .927 save percentage, leading New Jersey to a four-game sweep of the Red Wings in the Final.

2. Three Goals of His Own

Brodeur was a legendary puck-handler. He proved so good, in fact, the NHL adopted a rule to limit his effectiveness: the "Brodeur Rule," which limits goalies' stick handling below the goal line to the trapezoid-shaped area behind the net. No rule could stop Brodeur from trying to score on the opponents' net, though, a feat he achieved an amazing three times during his career.

1. 552 Wins

Brodeur boasts a host of NHL goaltending records, including games played, shutouts, and playoff shutouts. But none is more impressive — or more untouchable — than his 691 career wins. He overtook Patrick Roy for sole control of the record on March 16, 2009, when the New Jersey Devils bested the Chicago Blackhawks, 3–2. Afterwards, with his dad snapping photos in the stands, Brodeur cut out the net, a practice commonplace in basketball, but a rare honor in hockey.

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