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If Major League Baseball Took the Ice, Players Would Wear These Sweaters

Graphic designers have a lot of fun mashing up sports logos with things like the Simpsons and Star Wars and even other sports. But we rarely see one sport's jerseys get mixed up with another, which makes this set of Major League Baseball hockey sweaters really stand out.

Designer David Parkinson submitted a set of concept images of what MLB teams would wear if they met up for a hockey game. The first batch ran on the Icethetics website over the weekend (if you've never visited Icethetics, it's a great site and well worth your time) and feature the 15 teams in the American League. The Red Sox sweater at the top of the page is pretty cool, as are these:

The thing that makes all of these work is that the team logos are perfectly suited for a hockey jersey. Maybe that's what makes a logo great: It can be used on basically anything and feel like it was designed for it.

That said, my favorite from the first batch is the Oakland A's jersey:

It was inspired but the unis worn by the Oakland Seals, an NHL team that joined the league in 1967 and moved to Cleveland as the Barons in 1976, a team that ultimately merged with the Minnesota North Stars in 1978. (The North Stars itself moved to Dallas as the Stars in 1993.)

But what makes these jerseys really stand out is that they go all in on the mustard yellow — something that only a few teams have been brave enough to do in sports.

Check out the whole set over at Icethetics. And be on the lookout for the National League set this weekend.

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