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Blackhawks Debut Winter Classic Jerseys

The Chicago Blackhawks will play in their second Winter Classic this season when they take on the Washington Capitals at Nationals Park in DC. And yesterday the team revealed the sweaters they'll be wearing for the game.

On a quick glance, they don't look so different from what the team wears now. But designers went back more than 50 years for inspiration: The Winter Classic jerseys are inspired by what Chicago wore in 1957, with the C-crossed-with-tomahawks logo placed on the elbows rather than the shoulders. The other difference between this look and what the Hawks wear now is that it has lacing where the current away unis don't.

Here's a comparison of what the '57 jersey, the present-day away sweater, and the Winter Classic look:

Click the image for a larger version!

Chicago has stuck pretty close to tradition for its outdoor-game apparel. When the team played the Penguins in a Stadium Series contest last season, it went back to a black jersey it wore in the 1990s. And the last time the Hawks played in an outdoor game, in 2009, they wore sweaters that were a take off on what the team wore in 1955.

Of the three, this latest one might be the best. It feels timeless but also fresh, and it should be a nice complement the all-new '50s-inspired look the Capitals will wear for the game (even if it blows the Caps' Winter Classic jersey out of the water).

Photos: Chicago Blackhawks (2015 Winter Classic), Nam Y. Huh/AP Photo (2009 Winter Classic)

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