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Meet Yohan Blake and Justin Gatlin, Bolt's Biggest Challengers in the 100

Bolt comes into the 2012 Games as a heavy favorite to defend his 2008 gold medals. If he achieves the feat, that "would establish him as hands down the best Olympic sprinter of all time," says AtoBoldon, the 1997 world champion in the 200 meters and a four-time Olympic medalist. Boldon, who will be in London this summer covering track and field for NBC Sports, analyzes the guys who stand between Bolt and another gold in the 100 meters.

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Blake is Bolt's biggest threat and is also his training partner. "I don't think it's going to look like Beijing, where Bolt was able to celebrate before the finish line," Boldon says. That's because Blake, the defending world champion at 100 meters, has kept pace with Bolt this year. He starts races faster than Bolt and has great endurance, and Boldon believes the 22-year-old will reach higher speeds. "He's going to improve by big leaps and bounds as he gets stronger. He's a lot bigger this year," Boldon says. "I don't think he's run to his potential yet."

The 2004 100-meter gold medalist missed the 2008 Olympics because of a suspension, but he has come back this year. While he probably won't regain his gold, "Gatlin has a very good shot at the bronze," Boldon says. "But his times won't keep Bolt and Blake awake at night."

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