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Twenty-five of SI's Favorite Moments of Athletes, Sports Figures Dancing

Here are some of the finest clips of sports figures dancing
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Athletes, coaches and team owners are no different than the rest of us—they love to dance when they're happy, often times awkwardly. We're so fond of their moves that we've compiled 25 of our favorite dance moments in gif and vine format. It begins with J.J. Watt shaking his tail feather, includes a pair of college football coaches earning mad props, and features MVPs LeBron James, Tom Brady, Steph Curry, Peyton Manning and more. Enjoy!

J.J. Watt Celebrates a Rockets Win

J.J. Watt celebrated a Houston Rockets' playoff win over Dallas by breaking out into a dance with a fan. 

Mike Gundy is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy got real low and loose after a Cowboys' victory.

McKayla Maroney Gives Lessons With Nary a Grimace

The Olympic gymnast with the killer grimace also has a few good dance moves.

Frank The Tank Fails at Moonwalking

Frank Kaminsky attempted to moonwalk in a 2015 dance-off with Duke's Jahlil Okafor.

Tom Wilhelmsen All Wound Up

Seattle Mariners pitcher Tom Wilhelmsen gave the 2014 baseball season a proper sendoff.

Olympic Hurdler Michelle Jenneke's Pre-race Dance Routine

Michelle Jenneke went on to win this race, but it's so much more entertaining watching her dance.

Tim Duncan Oblivious to the World


Tim Duncan was in a joyous mood when the team dismantled the Atlanta Hawks. Duncan, in perhaps one of his most emotive moments on the court, danced by himself on the sidelines as if no one was watching. It was glorious.

Kevin Canevari Uncorks the Nae Nae

Mercer's Kevin Canevari celebrated his team's historic victory over Duke in the 2014 NCAA tournament by breaking it down on national television, and in the process, nearly breaking the Internet with this post-game dance. ​

Jeff Gordon's Version of Break Dancing

Jeff Gordon was prodded into showing his skills during Champions Week 2011 in Las Vegas.

LeBron James Leads the Harlem Shake

LeBron James and his Miami Heat teammates really got into the craze that was the Harlem Shake.

Tom Brady at Carnival in Rio

The internet nearly broke when this clip of Tom Brady first surfaced. It's still priceless.

Tom Brady Four Years Later


​Several dance lessons and four years later, Brady is still woefully short on rhythm.

Don't Quit Your Day Job, Coach K

Duke held a rally to celebrate its 2014-15 national championship and Coach K got things started by dancing exactly how you would expect a 68-year-old millionaire to dance.

Mike Tyson Isn't Ready for Dancing With the Stars

Mike Tyson was a force in the ring, but can't dance his way out of a corner.

Gronk on His Super Bowl Victory Tour

Rob Gronkowski dancing is a wonder to behold.

Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury Holds His Own in a Dance-off

Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury was anything but shy in this dance-off.

John Wall Nails the Dougie

John Wall and the Dougie have pretty much always been synonymous as evidenced by Wall’s turn in the Rookie-Sophomore game of 2011 where Kevin McHale specifically called on Wall to the Dougie during the match.

Tommy Lasorda Turns Down For What -- Why???????????

For some odd reason, Tommy Lasorda shared this clip on Instagram of him dancing and singing to Turn Down For What.

Steve Ballmer Dancing to Fergie 

Clippers' owner Steve Ballmer was more than excited to watch Fergie perform at the Staples Center during the 2014-15 season. ​

Steph Curry Shows His Salsa Skills

Steph Curry channeled his inner Victor Cruz after teammate Leandro Barbosa scored a pair with a nasty reverse layup. Curry's celebratory salsa was one for the ages.

Mark Madsen Loves a Parade

It doesn't get much better than Mark Madsen'sawkwardly giddy moves at this Lakers victory parade,

Robert Kraft Boogies with Rick Ross

When will we ever see Patriots owner Robert Kraft and rapper Rick Ross dancing on the same floor again?

The Houston Astros Go Retro

It was a special retro night for the Houston Astros and the team not only wore some great retro uniforms, but also broke out some retro dance moves as well. Sure, a more 70’s-era disco dance would have been perfect but the robot will work just fine.

Munenori Kawasaki's Dugout Magic

Mariners shortstop Munenori Kawasaki breaks it down in the dugout in 2012, putting on quite the show for his teammates​.

Some of Peyton Manning's Most Entertaining Work

The five-time NFL MVP couldn't contain himself as Rocky Top played at a Denver practice.