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Yup, They Put Me On A Basketball Card!

As I get dressed into my travel basketball jersey in the bathroom of the New York Knicks training center in Tarrytown, New York, I think, How many kids have had their photo taken for an actual Panini basketball card? Not many.

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I was lucky enough to experience this process at the 2012 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot, and I had an awesome time doing it! First, I waited in line with NBA players such as Andre Drummond and Jae Crowder. Believe me, this was one time I wasn’t going to push to the front of the line!

After my wait, some Panini photographers brought me to a backdrop, where they took action shots of some of the big-time players. They took photos of me taking outside shots, layups, and even some through-the-leg passes! After this station, the photographers led me to another station, where there was a black background. They shot me dribbling, dunking on an imaginary hoop, and performing poses with a couple of basketballs.

But wait! I wasn’t done yet. I was hurried over to a third station, where I was lucky enough to meet up with Detroit Pistons forward Kyle Singler, who was also getting his photo taken. The photographer at this station actually invited me to pose for a few shots with the former Duke star. What an awesome day!

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