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Vick's Debut: Philly Fans Like What They See

Second play of the game, out steps Number 7 clad in an Eagles jersey. The crowd erupts, and the camera pans over to approving fans cheering their loudest.

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So maybe Philadelphia has come to their senses and realized what Vick could possibly do for their team and organization. Or maybe they haven’t, and still refuse to accept that Vick’s done his time and deserves a second chance.

Whatever they think, Vick has proven to be effective in the Eagles’ offense.

With the extra media attention at Vick’s debut game, I think the Eagles felt they had a role to fill. A role to entertain the fans who tuned in even though they don’t root for the Eagles nor Jaguars. A role to give the Eagles fans what they expect, and clearly what they deserve. A role that they couldn’t pass up, and they somewhat delivered.

Vick showed us what he could do and gave us a glimpse of the future. He could fill so many holes in the offense and patch up what was left empty. Even though he didn’t make any spectacular Top 10-worthy plays, he did do his job. Andy Reid saw enough of his play and took him out early.

The “wildcat” offense will confuse many defenses, but coaches are preparing for it. Now when Vick was a quarterback, he mostly ran with the ball. He has to learn a whole new way of playing the position, and a whole new perspective of the game. His only complete pass of the game was a clean and nice one, and gave us Eagles fan a different view then the usual McNabb throw.

I, for one, am excited to see how Reid will incorporate Vick into his offense. Fans are eager for the season, and are excited for the extra attention their team is getting. The stereotype is that Philly fans are cold-hearted and bitter. But the reaction to Vick’s debut was one I’ll never forget, and it sure wasn’t a coldhearted response.