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Talent and Chemistry Make the Warriors Golden

Many NBA teams have talented players, but talent alone doesn’t win championships. It takes a unique combination of elements to lead to victory. You can see this in action with the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors are having their best start ever thanks to the killer combination of amazing talent and incredible chemistry.

There is no denying the Warriors have many talented players. The Warriors have an amazing backcourt aka splash brothers Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. They both went to the All Star Game and Curry got the most All Star votes of any NBA player. The Warriors also have a really deep bench and a host of veterans and younger players who can contribute. Different players shine on different nights. You never know who the breakout star of the game will be, and that keeps things exciting. The Warriors love to see their teammates succeed. In fact, everyone went crazy when Klay Thompson broke a longstanding record by scoring 37 points in a single quarter. Their coach, Steve Kerr, is a former player and is helping improve the team by teaching everyone what he learned as a player.

Even though the Warriors are stocked with great individual talent, they act like a true team. They eat together, laugh at each other’s jokes, support each other, and get along really well. Their chemistry shows on the court — the way they pass, the way they run plays, the way they communicate, and the way they celebrate. But the true measure of a team is taken when times are tough. And when the Warriors lose, they don’t point fingers. They come back and win the next night.

There is also great chemistry between coach and players. Kerr is a strong strategist and taskmaster on the court, but also likes healthy and good spirited competition outside the game. After practices, Kerr takes on Curry and Thompson for a three-point shootout. What happens off the court is vital to on-court success, and Kerr has great chemistry with the owners and management of the Warriors. That’s a huge plus.

And then there’s the X factor: the fans. Warrior faithful have stuck with the team through thick and thin. Now, they really have something to cheer about. There is great action on and off the court. They have lots of sold out games, and whenever they are losing they are still loyal. The fans get so excited and cheer so loud that Oracle Arena has been renamed Roaracle. I bet you can hear the noise from miles away.

If you have the right elements to become a great team you can accomplish anything. I think the Warriors have the momentum as well as the secret sauce to become champions. I’ll be watching to see how it turns out and supporting them no matter what happens!

Photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

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