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Super Bowl XLVIII Week Day 3: Journalism Tips from Gridiron Legends

I started off my third day in New York at the Sheraton in Times Square. The hotel served as the media hub for the Super Bowl, and this morning it hosted an event featuring ESPN analysts TedyBruschi, Cris Carter, and Mike Ditka.

I began by talking with former Patriots linebacker TedyBruschi. He taught me a very important lesson about why NOT to try to spell difficult words on camera — it very well could end up all over the news. He told me at one Media Day, a kid like me asked him to spell Massachusetts. He quickly declined, knowing the penalty if he messed up. But one of his teammates tried and failed, and it ended up all over the news.

Next, I spoke to Coach Mike Ditka. He gave me some tips about journalism. One of the most important things he told me to not be afraid to ask anything. He said that there were no stupid questions, only stupid answers.

Finally, Hall of Fame Vikings receiver Cris Carter and I chatted about the difference between playing the game and analyzing it. That was before he stole my microphone, took over the interview, and made me make some predictions about the upcoming game. So I guess now I have officially analyzed with Cris Carter!

Later in the day, I traveled down to Chelsea Piers on New York’s West Side for Super Bowl XLVIII Tazón Latino VIII Desafío NFL. I was able to speak with Lorena Garcia, Natalia Saenz, Felix Fernandez, Terrell Davis, and Rod Woodson before they took the field to compete in a bunch of football challenges, competing against three other teams in hope of winning. It was recorded and will be nationally televised on Saturday evening.

But the best part of the event by far was meeting 8-year-old NFL Rush Kid Reporter Aidan Hamel. Not only does he write a weekly story for NFL Rush, he also produces a weekly podcast with his father. This week he will give his prediction for the big game on Sunday, which can be found at

Photo: Coach Mike Ditka after his interview with Kid Reporter Grace Ybarra. (courtesy Grace Ybarra)

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