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Required Viewing: The 10 Most Fun Players to Watch in the NBA

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Right after the All-Star Break, basketball tends to become dull for everyone but the most loyal of fans. But as a thank you to those who keep it interesting to watch, here are the 10 most fun to watch players in the NBA.

1. Kobe Bryant: Bryant is simply incredible. He’s one of the most offensively gifted players of all time and will always be there to knock down the shot in the last minute. I like him because he’s a Laker, and LOVE him because of how he plays the game. No one has ever mastered the jaw-dropping, contested fade-away like him.

2. Kenneth Faried: THE MANIMAL. This guy plays with unbelievable passion and is the perfect player for the Nuggets’ fast break offense. He still has a lot to learn about the post-up game, but he can run, dribble, rebound and drive, making him a load of fun to watch.

3. Blake Griffin: The ultimate highlight machine is still making what seems like every Sports Center Top 10 and he’s only getting better. With his improving post-up game and outside shot he’s a weapon from anywhere on the court.

4. Chris Paul: Just an incredible offensive general. He doesn’t have the best moves or shot in the league but his incredible feel for the game makes the fans love him. His teams always have unbelievable chemistry, and that rubs off on the fans.

5. LeBron James: The best player in the world deserves a spot on this list; the things he does are just incredible. The only reason he’s not higher on the list is that I can’t even be surprised by the things he does.

6. James Harden: The Bearded Mystery Man has just been playing out of his mind since being traded to the Rockets. He’d be one of the players to watch in a league wide one-on-one contest.

7. Kyrie Irving: He’s coming for Paul’s claim as best point guard in the league and it seems like he’ll be the heir to the throne. He’s got lethal moves off the dribble and will restore Cleveland to respectability.

8. Kevin Durant: Duh. KD is one of the most likeable players in the NBA and his game improves week to week. Only someone like LeBron could keep KD away from his MVP.

9. Andre Miller: He may as well come to the court and start handing out homework to the other nine guys on the court. The professor is still alive and kicking. His veteran knowledge of the game is just incredible.

10. Kevin Garnett: He is still such an intimidating presence on the hardwood. His hardnosed defense and rebounding, even as his offensive game diminishes with age, still makes the creaking Celtics a great defensive force. He’s incredibly loyal and plays his heart (or lack there of) out every night. It pains me to put a Celtic on the list but the big man deserves it.