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Ray Lewis Goes Out with a Story Book Ending

Well, the Baltimore Ravens are your 2013 champions of the world. But man, what a game that was. Now, if you didn’t watch it, here is a recap: The Ravens led going into halftime 21-6, and the first play of the second half was Jacoby Jones going for a 108-yard kickoff return. It was first a 109-yard return but they had changed it to 108. Anyway, after that a power outage happened with about 7:49 to go in the third quarter. From there the 49ers showed why they were at the Super Bowl and ROARED back. They scored 17 straight points, getting as close to 31-29. But the Ray Lewis-led defense of the Ravens stopped the 49ers’ try for a sixth championship, and won the Ravens’ second championship.

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The game was amazing. Joe Flacco capped of an 11-TD, 0-INT postseason while Ed Reed showed he was still worthy. Jacoby Jones also showed the skill he had. AnquanBoldin and Torrey Smith said they still belong, too. But how about that guy who leads their team? You know, that guy who gives motivational speeches. That guy who has been with the Ravens since day one? That guy I call the best linebacker to play the game. If you haven’t caught on, I’m talking about Ray Lewis.

Lewis had announced at the beginning of the postseason that he was retiring this year. I think when he announced that, his team got a whole lot of confidence. I expect I would too, if the player who is the glue that holds the team together is retiring. But while Denver and Patriots fans were counting down to Lewis’s retirement party, Lewis kept on adding more and more days to his career. And on the last day, he went out with tears running down his face, tears of joy, and I went to bed with the thinking that happy endings are real.

“[It was a] nice way to end an amazing career,” says football fan Ben Perrin, while a kid who just loves Ray Lewis named Walker Dixon says “CONGRATS RAY!” Richard McIntyre says, “I still don’t get your face mask but good job Ray!”

Obviously, kids who love Ray Lewis love his storybook ending. But we all know a happy ending has something sad happen. This time, it’s that when I look in to the middle of the Ravens defense, I won’t see Number 52 destroying everything in his path. I myself also have something to say to Ray. Ray Lewis, if you somehow get a chance to read this, I and many other kids are HUGE fans of yours.