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The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) made its triumphant return to the iconic Homewood Field in Baltimore, MD for an action-packed weekend filled on August 5–6. A highlight of the regular season schedule, the inaugural PLL Junior Championship were a momentous occasion for the league and aspiring young lacrosse players.

Homewood Field holds a special place in the hearts of lacrosse enthusiasts, and its historical significance made it the perfect backdrop for the league's grand return. Co-founder and president Paul Rabil expressed his excitement about coming back to this storied venue, which had previously hosted the PLL's first-ever sellout game.

The centerpiece of the weekend was the groundbreaking PLL Junior Championships, bringing together talented U11 and U13 players from across the nation an unparalleled PLL experience. These promising athletes had the opportunity to play alongside some of the biggest names in lacrosse and represent PLL teams. The U11 and U13 championship games took place at Homewood Field on the campus of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

For the U11 division, the Archers faced off against the Waterdogs, with the Waterdogs prevailing by a score of 6–3. In the U13 division, it was another thrilling match between the Archers and Waterdogs, with the Waterdogs emerging victorious with a score of 13–10. A standout moment in the U13 game was when player and viral lacrosse sensation George Caldroney scored a spectacular 2-point goal, sealing the victory for the U13 Waterdogs.

Co-founder and CEO Michael Rabil expressed his enthusiasm for the Junior Championships, acknowledging the efforts of the PLL Academy team in creating a world-class experience for U11 and U13 players nationwide. The tournament reflected the league's dedication to the growth of youth lacrosse and its commitment to nurturing the future stars of the sport.

The PLL Junior Championships started with training camps, providing young players with insights and skills from professional athletes. The interaction with pros and hearing their success stories undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the budding players' careers.

During the training camps, players underwent evaluations and were placed into two separate Player Pools: one for players aged 12 and under and another for those aged 14 and under. Subsequently, PLL Jr. teams drafted players from these age groups to compete in the thrilling Junior Championships. The top teams from both age brackets traveled to the PLL Game Weekend venue to vie for the coveted Junior Championships title.

Tom Bragg, one of the coaches for the U11 Archers, shared the strategies his staff employed to help the team build cohesion during the championship. He emphasized the fun and spirited nature of lacrosse, stating, “Be goofy and don’t take things too seriously. Lacrosse is the best sport in the world. The fastest sport in the world, so let’s keep it in perspective.” 

The presence of these young talents at such a prominent event will undoubtedly bolster the popularity of lacrosse among kids. A player from the winning U11 Waterdogs team expressed his excitement, stating, "It's a huge deal, especially for lacrosse right now, the fastest-growing sport in America. I think after seeing this on ESPN, it's really going to help the growth."

The weekend's festivities also included a special tribute to the 2023 Pro Lacrosse Hall of Fame class, honoring iconic players who have made significant contributions to the sport. The PLL continues to celebrate the sport's history while also focusing on its future by investing in youth development and creating opportunities for young talents to shine.

The league's commitment to nurturing young talent through the PLL Junior Championships ensures a bright future for the sport, solidifying its position as one of the fastest-growing sports in America.