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Phillies Flying High on the Road

The Philadelphia Phillies have a tough bullpen, great defense, and productive hitters. But that’s not the only thing they have. They also have the best road record in Major League Baseball at 21-8.

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The team’s fans tend to stress them out a bit at home, since they just won the World Series and Philly fans expect nothing less this season. Let’s just say the fans are a little intense. The team is able to focus more on the road. Their family members aren’t around and there’s not as much pressure to put on a good show, like there is in front of the sellout crowds at home.

The bullpen especially excels on the road where few people expect them to do great.

But the Phillies are just 12-14 at home. So why can’t they duplicate their road success when they’re at home?

I think it’s all a mental thing. The Phils need to block out all of the distractions and just play baseball.

With all the distractions at home, they’re going to have to play even harder.