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The NBA's Bad Fashion Sense

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As I turn on SportsCenter at 7:00 in the morning, highlights from the Lakers-Thunder game flash across the screen. When an interview with Russell Westbrook comes on, I almost laugh out loud at his glassless red plastic glasses and tight-fitting polo shirt covered in tiny fishhooks. What a joke! Athletes make millions every year, but dressing themselves like this definitely doesn’t show it!

There are many players with terrible fashion sense around the NBA. One is obviously Dwyane Wade. From his neon red pants to his glassless spectacles, this man is always craving attention. Kevin Durant wears his signature tight-strapped backpack after games, that turned into an entire Nike line, which sold out the first week on What does he carry in that thing anyway?

To go back in time a little bit, Earvin “Magic” Johnson wore a monstrous brown fur coat. I don’t know how he managed to get one in his size, but I can only imagine how he got away from PETA on that one.

One of the most ridiculous NBA dressers of all time is King James. Strangely, LeBron and others have been appearing to try to dress like… nerds? A series of post-game interview pictures highlights many players wearing Steve Urkel-type glasses and tight-fitting plaid polos. LeBron is one of many who seems to dress like this comical character. After several games, the 2012 MVP has worn empty specs to post-game press conferences. I don’t know about you, but after a hard-fought game I doubt his post-game destination is anywhere near a library!

There are actually players who dress pretty nicely after games. This includes people like Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard (well, most of the time, anyway). A nice suit, maybe with some kind of sweater or collared shirt underneath does the job for them. Instead of a bright red bowtie, maybe LeBron or D-Wade could settle for a nice, dark-shaded necktie.

The NBA Draft can be really entertaining. Past draftees’ wardrobe choices have included anything from silver full-suits to white cowboy hats. I don’t know about these guys, but I would try as hard as I could to make a good first impression on my new coach and, more importantly, the commissioner!

NBA fashion sense has been very interesting over the past several years. It’s now the NBA Finals, and I can only imagine the wild things some players will wear. What could be next, long dark socks with shorts? What about top hats? It’s the NBA! Anything can happen!