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My Bold Predictions for the NFL Playoffs

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My Bold Predictions for the NFL Playoffs Ah, the NFL playoffs. After a season full of upsets, injuries, and teams thiiiiiis close to making the playoffs, we have the Divisional playoffs set. Of course, last weekend was the Wild-Card round, and the first game, Chiefs versus Colts, set off what was the craziest Wild-Card weekend in my life.

After Andrew Luck’s miraculous come-from-behind win, the New Orleans Saints pulled away from the Philadelphia Eagles with a field goal in the last 30 seconds to win 26-24. The next day it was a lopsided Chargers victory in which no one expected the Bengals to play as bad as they did. Then came the Green Bay versus San Francisco game. This game went right down to the wire, but I didn’t honestly see Aaron Rodgers at his best. I saw a Rodgers who was still good but not the same since a collarbone injury. Was it possibly rust, or did Rodgers not trust his arm as much as he should?

Anyway, let’s get started with the remaining eight teams in the Divisional round.

The Seattle Seahawks will give up five touchdowns…. in one half: How bold is this? Not much, I agree. However, you have to start small and go big. The Seahawks are one of the best defensive teams in the history of the NFL. They play a Saints team who they crushed in their last meeting. Of course, last time someone underestimated the Saints they won the Super Bowl. This is a Saints team with a chance to prove themselves after a bust of a season last year. They’re probably driven after a last-minute win in Philadelphia. Going in to arguably one of the loudest stadiums in the world, it should be very difficult, but the Cardinals exposed Seattle. Will the Saints work up on the Cardinals win? I think so.

No Number 1 Seed will make the Super Bowl: The way I see it, underdogs rule sports. Whether it’s MVP status after a major injury (Peyton Manning) or leading a team after not being a very well-regarded college QB (Russell Wilson), underdogs will always be there. Hey, look what two players happen to go from nearly worst to first! After an underdog is crowned champion of their doubters, it’s time for a new one. Both teams have decent matchups, with New Orleans playing Seattle and the rolling Chargers playing the Broncos, who both happen to be... Number 6 seeds! Underdogs, indeed, this time around. The Saints and Chargers are teams that are ready any day, with a dynamic offense and not-so-bad defenses. If you know me, I love underdogs! That’s my prediction as of now.

The Indianapolis Colts will come back down 33 at the end of the first half: I told my friends at least one record would be set in the playoffs, and here it is. New England takes a 33-point lead, and in the second half Andrew Luck will miraculously take over this game with a 40-yard pass to T.Y Hilton with 1:30 left in the fourth. Tom Brady is hit, ball gets loose, and Colts pick it up and run the clock down. Let me make this brief, watch last week’s miraculous comeback by Luck. I’m feeling LUCKy this can happen again, but better. Hey, you have to go wild occasionally.

The Chargers will throw for 500 yards: I honestly hate the Denver Bronco defense. They look so broken and old to me, but somehow manage to be good. Good when it counts, of course. However, this time that won’t happen. The game will break down once a Broncos touchdown is scored on offense. The defense comes out riled up, but gets quiet after a 40-yard bomb to Keenan Allen for a San Diego score. Then, a Chargers interception right at the 50-yard line leads to a 50-yard screen pass for a touchdown. Boom, 90 yards on two plays in the first quarter, plus additional yards on the first scoring drive. The game then continues with the Chargers moving the chains quickly, taking a play out of Peyton’s book. Chargers end up winning 38-27.

The Carolina Panthers will win the Super Bowl:Whaaaat? I’m not saying this as a Raleigh, North Carolina resident. It’s not as if this is the first football miracle to happen since 2008. The Panthers have a good chance. They have homefield against a 49ers team they beat at good ol’ Candlestick, and I think they can pull it off. Then they can beat the Saints at home again. Cam Newton with a pass to Steve Smith for 15 yards for a score with 45 seconds left. Yeah, it’ll happen (I hope). Just watch.