Monster Jam is Coming to Syracuse, and I'll Be There!

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The biggest, baddest, loudest trucks on the planet are pulling into the Carrier Dome for the first time ever on Saturday, March 12 for a Monster Jam show! If you want to join the fun come out to the home of the ‘Cuse at Syracuse University.

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Four million fans follow Monster Jam and you can too. Fourteen of the best drivers, including nine that are coming, have already qualified for World Finals in Las Vegas this month. And I’ll be at Monster Jam reporting for!

These drivers are some of the most down to earth people you would ever meet. They won me over when I was nine and my dad took me to an outdoor track and Steve Sims got out of Stone Crusher at the end of his amazing run and started waving to us in the stands. I couldn’t believe it. My sister and I were yelling from the crowd the whole night like we knew him.

For the unveiling of a new stop for these “superheroes” the First Lady of Monster Jam, Madusa, will be driving through the gates. Madusa rocks! She is a girl, she loves pink, she is a country lady, and rides four-wheelers and is the only girl to win both Freestyle and racing at World Finals in Vegas. I’ve got something really important to ask her so I am hoping I get to meet her in the pits. I’ll post it in my next blog if you want to find out the answer.

Racing begins at 7 PM, but you can come early for the pit party from 2:30-5:30 PM. In this sport the drivers are part of the pit party and everyone with a ticket is invited! (If you want to get tickets, get a parent to go to

Monster Jam drivers perform all year at the most prestigious arenas and stadiums throughout the world. I’ve watched Grave Digger and Maximum destruction do back flips, I DVR all the televised shows on the Speed channel, and play Path of Destruction on my Nintendo DS, (I just unlocked the doors to World Finals in Vegas), but there is nothing like hearing them roar in person and seeing them get “big air” during freestyle.

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Imagine sitting on top of an elephant and riding through a track of obstacles that might include a school bus, jet skis, or an airplane, and having to land on all fours. That is just the size of these 100 mile per hour trucks that sit 12 feet tall and about 12 feet wide and weigh 10,000-12,000 pounds—the same as a full grown elephant.

These are the things to look for, Tom Meents in Max D giving his helmet away, Joe Slyvestor in Bad Habit doing reverse jumps, Jeremy Slifko in Backdraft beating his dad Andy Slifko in Eradicator, Chad Fortune in Superman eating peanut butter crackers right before the race, and rookie Morgan Kane in Mopar Magic who grew up next door to Dennis Anderson.