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Meet the Players, March Madness Edition

Kid Reporter Wilson von Bohlen got to know players at the NCAA tournament. One player says he used to have 12 fingers!

March Madness is drawing to a close. Did you ever wonder what the players behind the amazing passes and buzzer-beaters are like off the court? Behind the scenes, these athletes are clowns, dancers, and guys who love mac and cheese!

What’s something basketball fans don’t know about you?
Kamar Baldwin, Butler: I play the drums
Isaac Haas, Purdue: I’m an avid video game player but don’t play sports video games.
Giddy Potts, Middle Tennessee State: I was born with 12 fingers, an extra on each hand. I had a surgery to remove the extra fingers when I was a baby.

What’s your pregame pump-up song?
Nate Fowler, Butler: “All of the Lights”
Tyrik Dixon, Middle Tennessee State: “I’m the Man”

What’s your favorite sport besides basketball?
Aldonis Foote, Middle Tennessee State and Nate Fowler, Butler: Soccer
Darrell Bowie, Iowa State: Volleyball
Kamar Baldwin and Carsen Edwards, Butler: Football

Who’s the team clown? (There was a lot of agreement among each team!)
Nate Fowler and Kamar Baldwin, Butler: Henry Baddley
Giddy Potts and Tyrik Dixon, Middle Tennessee State: Brandon Walters
Jon McKeeman and Isaac Haas, Purdue: Carsen Edwards
Deonte Burton, Iowa State: A lot of us. This is a really fun, goofy team.


Isaac Haas, Purdue:

Who’s the best dancer on the team?
Carsen Edwards, Purdue: Me! (Edwards was also named by Jon McKeeman and Isaac Haas)
Nate Fowler and Henry Baddley, Butler: Kamar Baldwin
Giddy Potts, Middle Tennessee State: JaCorey Williams

What’s your favorite home-cooked meal?
Donovan Jackson, Iowa State: My dad’s ribs
Tyrik Dixon, Middle Tennessee State: My granny’s pork chops and macaroni
Deonte Burton, Iowa State: Hot wings
Aldonis Foote, Middle Tennessee State: My mom’s pork chops, macaroni, and biscuits, with a side of green beans and a cup of Kool-Aid!

Which teammate pumps up your team before games?
Darrell Bowie, Iowa State: Naz Long. He gets us ready to face any challenge or opponent with his pregame speeches.
Henry Baddley, Butler: Tyler Wideman

Photographs by (from top): Shane Keyser/Kansas City Star/TNS/Getty Images (Bowie and Jackson); Stacy Revere/Getty Images (Potts)