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A mother, a woman in a mostly male industry, and a high-ranking executive, Catie Griggs has blazed a path for women in baseball. The Seattle Mariners’ President of Business Operations has created a name for herself and made an impact across the sports business world.

Griggs grew up in North Carolina and played baseball, softball, and soccer. She looked up to athletes who inspired her to pursue a career in sports.

Front offices in sports have often been filled with men. They work behind the scenes and make key decisions for organizations. However, over the years, women have broken barriers—like Marlins GM Kim Ng—and proven why they belong.

When describing her journey, Griggs highlights three keys: Relationships, perseverance, and risk-tolerance. They are ingredients that lead to success in the sports industry.

Speaking of relationships, she appreciates the connections she has made with the other women in the organization over the past year.

“We have so many amazing women on the Mariners team,” Griggs said.

One of those women is Mandy Lincoln, Senior Director of Experiential Marketing for the Mariners. She has been with the organization for 15 seasons and works closely with Griggs, creating new experiences for fans and seeking ways to advance the game.

With innovation being a critical piece to growth in sports, Lincoln applauses Griggs’ “forward thinking” and willingness to branch out.

Another quality that speaks volumes about Griggs’ leadership is her empathy.

“When people think about a leader, they think of someone that jumps up in front of podiums and speaks, and is just talking at crowds or staff or whatnot,” Lincoln said. “I think what makes her a good leader and a boss is she listens first and takes it all in.”

Looking to the future, Griggs hopes to see the “domino effect” continue, and see the next generation of girls and women in sports go after their dreams.

“When you can see her, you can be her,” Griggs said. “And, you can do anything you want.”