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LeBron and the Cavs Know How To Have Fun

The Cleveland Cavaliers are the most entertaining team in sports, hands down. I have never had as much fun following a sports team as I am having right now following the 2008-09 Cavs. In my opinion, there has never been any other team that flat out has a blast and takes care of business the way this team does.

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First of all, LeBron James is just ridiculous. He’s 6’ 8”, 250 pounds, he can shoot, he can pass, he is quick, and he can throw down like none other. Did I mention he is only 24-years-old? The man is a monster. He takes half-court shots just for the heck of it before the game, then hits shots from nearly half court in the game. During this year’s playoffs, you can usually find James relaxing on the bench late in the fourth quarter, laughing with his teammates after having put up 30 points in a clear cut victory. But if LeBron’s 30 isn’t enough, don’t worry, he’ll drop 47 to guarantee victory instead - just ask the Hawks. You would think that the entertainment would stop there, but nope, the Cavs keep on going.

The rest of the Cavs roster has just as much fun as their MVP. When the game is not going on, you will almost always see these guys smiling and laughing. Take the pre-game skits for instance. The whole team lines up as if they are taking a family photo at a family reunion. LeBron sets up the imaginary camera and pretends to put it on a timer. After this, he hurries to get in front of the camera where all the guys are posing for the picture. I absolutely love these pre-game skits, but if that isn’t enough to get you excited to watch the Cavs dominate, James finishes it off at the scorer’s table. Right before tip-off, James tosses baby powder into the air with his long arms spread wide as the crowd goes wild.

Another reason that the Cavaliers are so fun to watch is their crazy handshakes and high-fives. I have never seen the same two people with so many different handshakes. Before every game, James and Mo Williams are engaged in some kind of synchronized assortment of hand claps, chest bumps, jumps, and turns to get them hyped for the game. Many times, these handshakes are close to ten seconds long! LBJ and Williams are the perfect match for each other. They seem to enjoy each other as teammates and as people. In fact, during a timeout of the last home game of the regular season, these two clowns ran out to mid-court and started dancing with the Cavs dance team!

Anybody who is a fan of entertainment and basketball can’t hate the Cavs. Along with all of the fun they are having, they are cruising through the NBA playoffs. So far, the Cavs have compiled a 7-0 record with all of their wins coming by double digits. All I know is that I hope these guys win the championship just so I can see what their celebration will be when the confetti falls!