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Kid Reporters Make Their March Madness Picks!

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March Madness is here! The first First Four games — Hampton/Manhattan and Mississippi/BYU — tip off tonight, kicking off one of the biggest sports moments of the year. But you already know that. You’ve got tourney fever and your bracket is locked and ready to be busted… sorry, I mean, your bracket is going to prove how great you are at picking winners, losers, and Cinderellas! (If you haven’t filled out your bracket yet, there’s still time! But make sure you check out our bracketology tips before you make any rash decisions.)

Our Kid Reporters are excited for the tournament, too. But rather than just have them make their Final Four picks, we asked them all to fill out a bracket and share it with us. And they did. Kentucky is the runaway favorite to be crowned National Champions, though Wisconsin, Villanova, Gonzaga, and Michigan State (??) make championship appearances, too.

Check out all of their picks below. And click the images below to get a larger version of each Kid Reporter bracket.

Patrick Andres

Evan Bergen-Epstein

Matt Collins

Olivia D’Angelo

Will Foster

Kate Gilliam

Isabel Gomez

Manat Kaur

Aaliyah Kellogg

Riley Neubauer

JJ Post


Maxwell Suprenant

Ryan Woon

Brian Yancelson

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