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On May 10, Chloe Ricketts started her first NWSL game for the Washington Spirit in a Challenge Cup match against the Orlando Pride—at the age of 15. Afterward she chatted with Kid Reporter Alani Jordan.

SI KIDS: With your daily schedule now that you’ve signed a pro contract, do you have time for socializing?

Chloe Ricketts: I have a lot of time for socializing. My schedule isn’t too different, because I was homeschooled most of last year as well. I just wake up, I go to practice, and then I’d go home, complete my classes, and then I hang out with my friends after.

SIK: How do you keep up with your schedule for school and soccer?

Chloe: The club has done a really great job in integrating me and making sure I have my schoolwork done and that I have enough time to complete everything.

SIK: What is the coolest place that you’ve ever played soccer?

Chloe: When I was 10 years old, I went to Portugal, and that was by far the coolest.

SIK: Do you think boys’ soccer leagues are more competitive than girls’ soccer elite or Academy leagues?

Chloe: I do not think there is a real difference. I played in both and I think playing with boys can help you develop as a female athlete, because typically they play faster than girls, but in my experience girls are more aggressive.

SIK: This is a new team and a brand-new experience; how have you been received by your teammates?

Chloe: I’m like the little sister of the team, and everyone wants me to feel welcomed and feel great, and they’re doing a great job of teaching me what professional life is and just integrating me into the team.

SIK: Is there an athlete who inspired you in your sports journey?

Chloe: There’s lots of athletes that have inspired me in my sports journey, but if I had to name one, I would have to say Trinity Rodman on my team. Just her work ethic alone, it makes me feel empowered every day, and I want to live up to what she’s doing.

Photo credit: Mike Dinovo/USA TODAY Sports