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Are You Ready for Some Quidditch?

We all know basketball, soccer, football, hockey. But what about quidditch? The release of the seventh movie in the Harry Potter series is approaching us quickly, and so is the game of quidditch. In the series, Harry loves the highly intense and dangerous game. Apparently, the real world does too.

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Quidditch is played on broomsticks and has a dangerous nature, but it also has a surprising similarity to the real games we all know. Author J.K. Rowling says that quidditch is mostly made up of basketball and soccer. But in my opinion, quidditch is more lacrosse than anything.

Think about it, there is a ball called a quaffle which people called chasers throw through raised hoops. There is a player called a keeper who guards those raised hoops. Then, there a two beaters who are basically your average defense with huge wooden clubs in their hands to beat up balls called bludgers! Lastly there is a seeker who, throughout the game, looks for a tiny gold ball called the golden snitch. I think you’ll agree with me when I say that Harry Potter has a great connection to the real world, especially quidditch.

Okay, now I want you to think about college sports. Thinking? Well now think about quidditch. What do you get: college quidditch! The sport is becoming a huge phenomenon among colleges such as Harvard, Princeton, and Middlebury. There is even a quidditch championship and playoffs!

For Harry Potter fans like myself, this is a big deal. With the ever-expanding world of sports, you just never know what’s coming next.