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Note to Self: Try These in My Lifetime

Most people have a list of things they want to do in their lifetime. I am always saying, “I want to try that, it looks like fun.” Most of these things I’ll have to wait and do when I’m older since my parents are NOT signing any “release” forms for me in the near future! These are some of the things I’d love to try, some a little crazy, some just a little different. Have any of you tried some of these things?

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Bungee Jumping
What it is: Attaching a bouncy cord to yourself, jumping off a high bridge, tower, rock formation, many options to choose from!

The draw: The adrenaline rush of the fall and then bouncing up and down and up and down…

The pros: You can find bungee jumping almost anywhere. There’s not usually an age limit and it sounds pretty awesome.

The cons: It sounds fun, but there are actually are some safety issues with bungee jumping, like getting tangled in the cord (ouch!), damaged eyesight and neck problems.

Is it a sport?: No, but it’s still a lot of fun!

What it is: The state sport of Alaska!

The draw: Riding and working in a sled pulled by dogs. Can you say FUN?

The pros: speeding along over the snow, like a never-ending downhill sled ride! Of course, if you are an animal lover, 8 or 10 dogs running around your house would be great!

The cons: Imagine how cold it must be, and you can’t always ride on the sled, sometimes you have to run along side it or push.

Is it a sport?: Isn’t it the Alaskan state sport?

What it is:
A combination of running and juggling. Jogglers race in courses up to a mile long.

The draw: Who’s ever heard of that? You could be the only kid joggler in your neighborhood!

The pros: If you love juggling, this sport is for you.

The cons: Requires lots of practice. Most jogglers train 6-8 hours a day.

Is it a sport?: No, but with all that’s involved, it should be.

Bicycle Polo
What it is: Polo, riding a bike instead of a horse.

The draw: Riding your bike super fast and playing…..polo.

The Pros: Being able to play polo without the expense of buying a horse.

The Cons: Hard work, coordination required and there is always the possibility of falling off your bike and being hit by a mallet.

Is it a sport?: It’s getting there…

There are so many fun things that we can try at sometime in our life. I’m always amazed at the different sports that I read or hear about. It seems never ending! However, some of these sports I have to wonder, who and how did they come up with that idea and then actually turn it into something that people want to try? Are there any crazy sports you have tried? Tell me in the comments!