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How 'Bout Them Cowboys? Who Cares!

I am a Redskins fan. My birthday is in November and I can’t think of a better birthday present than the Dallas Cowboys starting the season 2-7.

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However, I hate the fact that when I turn on any sports talk show, all I hear them talking about is the Cowboys this, Wade Phillips that. When will it ever end?

It is funny how the Cowboys have one of the worst records in the NFL, yet they are the subject of the most media attention. Last week, Cowboys owner/general manager/jack-of-all-trades Jerry Jones fired head coach Wade Phillips. Of course that’s news. But think back to other midseason, head coach firings.

Does anyone remember Scott Linehan and Lane Kiffin in 2008? What about Dick Jauron in 2009? All of these coaches were fired after just a few weeks of football. Just like Wade Phillips, their teams were just not winning. But unlike Phillips, they were a mere SportsCenter mention and an update to their Wikipedia page.

Even if you take Wade Phillips out of the picture, Dallas is getting way too much attention for losing. Like I said, I’m a Redskins fan and unfortunately we have been losing for a very long time. But the fact is, the Skins have won twice as many playoff games in the past 13 years as the Cowboys. “America’s Team” is just as mediocre as many other teams, yet the media is in awe of them.

It drives me crazy that I can’t even get sports news anymore without seeing or hearing about the 2-7 Cowboys. I’d rather hear about the miserable Bills or the hapless Panthers.

To make matters worse, the Cowboys won their first game under interim head coach Jason Garrett. Adding fuel to the fire, they beat the Giants, who many believe are Super Bowl contenders. A quick scan of the sports websites on Sunday evening proved my theory. Already, the pundits are blathering on about the Cowboys. Now we’ll have to spend at least the next week listening to sports analysts comparing Jason Garrett to the late, great Tom Landry. Oh brother!