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Three Trades I'd Like to See

We all have things we’d like to see in sports. Maybe it’s the Cubs winning the World Series. Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like if superstars got traded for another, or ended up in different places? LeBron signed with the Heat, so that got me thinking…

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The Manning Swap
It sounds weird, but it’s serious. They both had a pretty similar decade, even though Peyton is better. They both won a Super Bowl, they both were MVP of that Super Bowl, and they both have a good team behind them. As long as the Giants throw in someone good, it would be pretty fair. Plus, with the fact that age is catching up to the Colts, one way to get younger is doing this. The Giants would get a QB that has a career 101.4 QB rating vs. the NFC (and even better against division rivals Eagles and Redskins). Fair? Yes!

LeBron James for Kobe Bryant
LeBron always has wanted that championship ring. And if there is two teams that have dominated in that category, it would be the Lakers or the Celtics. The LeBron–Shaq combo didn’t exactly work, so Boston is out. And everyone would like to see if Kobe could win titles without Phil Jackson, so this is the question: Who would be a better leader of the Big 3? Each team would be missing a piece, so it would be hard to know if it would work out. Fair? Maybe, but we’ll never know.

Albert Pujols for Dice-K and Victor Martinez
I’ve always wanted to see Albert Pujols vs. the Green Monster. He’s usually up against Busch Stadium’s (rather small) outfield walls. And the Cardinals pitching hasn’t been holding up. That’s pretty much how they lost the NL Central this year. This would be awesome to see because (1) Dice-K doesn’t see much NL competition, plus, he’d really improve the Cardinals rotation, and (2) Victor Martinez would bring a new big bat to the lineup and could play first base instead of catcher, where base-stealers beat him, and (3) If Pujols can really tame the Green Monster, he’ll put an iron shield over his place in Cooperstown. Plus he’s right handed, which gives him more of a chance versus the Monster. Fair? Absolutely!

Turkey of the Year
And a little bonus… Since I’m the kid reporter closest to Thanksgiving, I’m giving out the Turkey Award for 2010 to the player that really muffed things up: Luis Suarez of the Uruguay national soccer team, for breaking the rules with an intentional handball vs. Ghana, a horrible example for everyone in the world, plus bad sportsmanship.

Is there a trade you’d like to see? Or a Turkey Award that you think should’ve been given? Leave your reply in the Comments box!