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Is an 18-Game NFL Season the Right Call?

When the NFL first wanted to make 18 game seasons, two clear sides stood out. The NFL wanted to cut two games off the preseason, and then add extra two games onto the regular season. Supporters of the change pointed out that it is the same amount of games, so it doesn’t change how many times they’re playing. Plus, preseason games don’t get as much hype as regular season games do, and extra regular season games could generate more revenue for the NFL.

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But, that feeling isn’t universal. Non-supporters think that more games would mean more injuries, and more “wear and tear” on the players.

Which side is correct? That is the controversial question. It’s true that there’s no change in the amount of games played, but regular season games do usually have more injuries, as players are willing to take risks to win the game. But, it’s also true that two extra regular season games would create more cash for the NFL, and that could help fund other projects that the NFL could launch.

Many of the players think that this is a bad idea. They think that they already put their bodies on the line, and now they might need to take an even bigger risk. More players would be injured, and more players would be fined or suspended. Scott Fujita, linebacker for the Cleveland Browns, said,”To me, right now, as things stand, 18 games, the way it's being proposed, is completely unacceptable ... I see more and more players get injured every season.” He’s not alone. DomoniqueFoxworth of the Baltimore Ravens said “They want to tack on two more games ... which is just going to multiply the injuries and the ailments that we're going to see after we go into our 40s, 50s, 60s—70s, if we're lucky.” However, some fans favor the 18-game season, as that would give them more games to watch.

NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell has said that he wants an 18-game season, but this also comes down to whether the fans want this to happen. While they will get more games, their teams could have more injured players, so star players might not be able to play in the postseason, when it matters most. As the old saying goes, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

So, fans, do you want an 18-game season? Or do you think less is more?