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The upcoming Netflix series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous features six unique teenagers who are chosen to attend a new adventure camp on Isla Nublar. One of our own chosen kids, Kid Reporter Emma Abramson, spoke to actress Raini Rodriguez, who plays the one of the campers, the cheerful Sammy Gutierrez.

SI KIDS: What are three words to describe the series?

Raini Rodriguez: Adventure, suspense, and dinosaurs.

SIK: Who is your character?

RR: I voice Sammy Gutierrez. She is a talkative, cheerful, larger-than-life girl from Texas. She loves to give hugs, be positive, and she immediately takes to all of the other campers. But—without spoiling too much—beneath all of her positivity there are some secrets that she keeps that could threaten her relationship with the other campers.

SIK: What do you do to get into the mindset of the character?

RR: I like to stretch a little beforehand, because I know Sammy is going to get into some action, adventure, and a lot of running and screaming. I make sure to rest up my voice the day of and I drink a lot of tea. I just get into that hyper mindset.

SIK: What type of person would be interested in the show?

RR: People of all ages would be interested in this show. I think what’s really fun is that not only would fans of all the Jurassic films love this, I think that anyone that is new to the series itself would love it as well. It’s full of high stakes adventures. It has fun. It has jokes. And it has a lot of really cool dinosaurs that you’ll see from the movie as well as some from our show as well.

SIK: Are those dinosaurs as scary as they were in the movies?

RR: Oh yeah! The animations are beautiful. My favorite part for sure is the dinosaurs, as they look amazing and the details on them are so fun.

SIK: If you were stuck in a real Jurassic World, how would you react?

RR: I would definitely be terrified because, hello? Scary dinosaurs! I honestly don’t think I would do too well. Isla Nublar is pretty big. I’m sure it’s hot, because there’s a lot of trees and jungle. I would definitely try to get off the island as quickly as I could!

SIK: When is the series going to be debuting?

RR: It is coming out [imaginary drumroll] on September 18th. I am super pumped for everyone to see it.

Photo credit: DreamWorks Animation