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Jones-Drew Carries Jacksonville

Is it possible for a running back to be the only reason why a team is winning games?

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First thing’s first, let’s name the one person that is accomplishing this feat: Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew. This bowling ball-like running back has been one of the only reasons why the Jaguars have won any games. Sure, they have a decent defense, but in my opinion it all comes down to which team’s offense scores the most points.

The Jaguars have not won many games, but in the four they have won, this little giant shined. He rushed for 97 yards and a touchdown versus the Titans, 105 yards versus the Ravens, 114 yards and a touchdown against the Colts, and 85 yards and four touchdowns (two running and two receiving) against the Buccaneers. Let’s face it, would the Jaguars have won these games without him?

Jones-Drew has carried the ball 294 times this season, which is the most in the NFL this year. And boy, has feeding him the ball this many times paid off! Jones-Drew is currently leading the league in rushing yards (1,334), and if he continues to hold the top spot in he will be the first Jaguar to ever win the rushing title.

Although the Jaguars playoff chances are shot fans still have something to hope for this year, and that is for the 5’ 7” running back to win the rushing title for his team.