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Handing Out NFL Draft Grades

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How did the teams picking in the top 10 fare in the NFL Draft? Here's what I think...

1) Indianapolis Colts: B
I know the Colts drafted their future quarterback in Andrew Luck. I also liked their picks of tight ends CobyFleener and Dwayne Allen, but the Colts only picked two defensive players (in the fifth and seventh rounds) for one of the worst defenses in the NFL. That was a pretty questionable call by first-year general manager Ryan Grigson.

2) Washington Redskins: B-
In this years draft the Redskins decided to take a big gamble on quarterback Robert Griffin III. I like the pick and I think RG3 will be a very good quarterback in this league for a very long time. I also think the Redskins did a good job picking a solid quarterback in Kirk Cousins in the fourth round.

3) Cleveland Browns: C-
I really liked the pick of Trent Richardson and I didn’t think the trade up was that bad either. I just thought everything after that was pretty questionable for the Browns. I thought the pick of QB Brandon Weeden was a bit of a reach, and then DT John Hughes and WR Travis Benjamin were pretty questionable also.

4) Minnesota Vikings: A-
Minnesota had a really great draft this year, first taking a solid left tackle in Matt Kalil, then trading up and getting a good safety prospect, Harrison Smith, and even the later round picks of CB Josh Robinson and WRJarius Wright.

5) Jacksonville Jaguars: C-
I thought the Jaguars had a really good first two rounds by picking WR Justin Blackmon and DE Andre Branch, but then out of nowhere they pick a punter (Bryan Anger) in the third round.Then to end the draft they pick a 28-year-old defensive tackle from Ashland University (Jeris Pendleton).

6) Dallas Cowboys: B+
In my opinion, the Cowboys made a great move this year by trading up to get CB Morris Claiborne, who will be a great player in this league for a long time. Dallas also made a great selection in pass-rusher Tyrone Crawford, who should compete for a starting spot this year.

7) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: A-
Another Alabama player came off the board in the top 10 this year in safety Mark Barron. Barron is a great safety and was one of my favorite players in this year’s draft. Personally, I gave Tampa an A grade just because of this one pick.

8) Miami Dolphins: C-
Miami picks a huge project in QB Ryan Tannehill. The C grade for Miami is for how much do you believe in Tannehill as a quarterback. Personally, I think Tannehill is too big of a project, but there could also a big reward for the Dolphins if he can be groomed into a NFL-caliber quarterback.

9) Carolina Panthers: B
The Panthers had a great first round this year by taking Luke Kuechly, the great linebacker out of Boston College. They then had another solid few picks with WR Joe Adams and CB Josh Norman, both of whom I think should be draft steals this year.

10) Buffalo Bills: B+
The Bills picked very well this year, starting off with CB Stephon Gilmore, who I think might just be a little better than Claiborne due to his long arms and speed. Then in the second round I thought the pick of OT Cordy Glenn was one of the better picks this year. After this draft I personally think the Bills are going to be a team to beat this 2012 season.