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Hamels Says All the Wrong Things

Oh, Cole.

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As far as fans feel, Cole Hamels is done for the rest of the season and maybe even done as a Phillie.

Phillies fans everywhere are shaking their heads in disgust over Hamels’s recent remarks, when he said “I can’t wait for [the season] to end.”

Now, if you’re from Philly, you NEVER want to hear a complaint come out of an athlete’s mouth. We want them to represent us, and with Cole being a “baby” about his tough season, it doesn’t exactly sit well with us.

Last year, Hamels was on top of the world – and on top of Philadelphia. He was rejoiced so graciously at the parade, you’d think he was a veteran who’s been with us for 10 years. Everywhere you went, fans were wearing Cole Hamels jerseys and shirts.

It’s a shame to think he could never be in a Phillies uniform again, but he did bring this upon himself. Yes, I know that this season must be grueling on him, and that he must be mentally and physically broken down. But you have to keep those things to yourself. Otherwise, you’ll just cause trouble in the press and your city.

Fans are outraged at his comments and morning talk shows absolutely ripped him up, but justly so. I doubt manager Charlie Manuel will still give him the ball in a possible Game 7, and fans at home would probably boo our own pitcher. Think about it, he was MVP in last year’s World Series, and he can’t wait for this one to be over?

It just doesn’t make sense to me, and it’s his own fault on what his future becomes. In my opinion, I think that he’ll get traded before the next season starts. He needs to mature mentally, and grow up a little before he makes another big splash with a new team.

I would just like to say thank you Brett Myers, who slapped some sense into Cole, calling him out on his comments. Cole and Brett are still good friends, but you have to give tough love in order to win in the World Series. There’s no time left to mess around, this is it. And Cole is done.