Getting to Know MLB's Number 1 Pick

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Many people were speculating on whom the Astros were going to take first overall in this year’s MLB draft. After many weeks of debating, many came to a consensus that Stanford pitcher Mark Appel was the best player available. So it came as a big surprise when shortstop Carlos Correa’s name was announced.

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Many people were in disbelief that they had picked Correa and there were many skeptics that didn’t believe Correa would be a great pick. I am writing this article to convince those skeptics otherwise. There are many qualities that I see in Correa that could make him a great shortstop for many years to come.

One advantage that Correa has is that he is only 17 years old, which means he has many years to develop into a five-tool player and will still be fairly young when he reaches that level. Another big advantage Correa possesses is a very strong arm. He was once clocked at 97 mph throwing across the infield at the Perfect Game World Showcase.

Correa isn’t all arm strength. He has great instincts on the field and can react to a ball coming his way with ease. If that isn’t good enough for all the critics, Correa is also an excellent hitter at the plate with raw power, great bat speed, and high-quality hand-eye coordination.

Correa has drawn many comparisons to current Yankee all-star Alex Rodriguez. He may not be at that level now, but if he can develop and take advantage of the skills he has then Correa could very well become the next Rodriguez.

The last time the Astros had the first pick in a MLB draft was in 1992, which was the year Yankee great and future Hall of Fame shortstop Derek Jeter was one of the draft prospects. Hopefully the Astros had a déjà vu moment and selected the next great shortstop of this decade in Correa.