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Fun and Football at National Championship Media Day

Oregon and Ohio State meet tonight to decide the first-ever College Football Playoff National Championship. Obviously, both teams are filled with great football players. They also have some guys with great personalities, as I discovered at Media Day on Sunday.

I asked the same four questions to about 20 players on each team. Watch players tell me about their favorite — and most embarrassing — on-field moments in the video below, and under the video is a collection of the most interesting answers to a couple other questions.

What is your favorite electronic device, and what is your favorite thing to do on it?

“Definitely has to be my iPhone, I’m always on that. That or my iPad are what I use the most. … Social media, texting, phone calls – stuff like that. We actually watch a lot of (game) film on our iPads. I forgot my Twitter password, so I haven’t been on there for a while.” - Ohio State junior center Jacoby Boren

“I’m trying to figure out how to work my GoPro, so right now it’s my favorite toy.” - Oregon safety Erick Dargan

“Definitely the Xbox 360. Playing [NBA] 2K15. That’s definitely what I like to do.” - Ohio State freshman receiver Noah Brown 

“Probably my computer. I’ve had it for a while, about six years. … Facebook, probably. Unfortunately.” - Oregon junior receiver ZacSchuller

“My TV. I’m a big TV guy. … I watch a lot of sports, obviously. I’m a big sitcom guy. I love movies. … I’m a big gamer on my phone. I play Zombie Run, stuff like that.” - Ohio State senior offensive lineman Joel Hale

“My phone, basically stay in contact with my advisors, just look at my schedule mostly. My day is kind of planned every day, so I check up on that. And I keep up with my family.” - Oregon freshman offensive lineman Elijah George

“My phone. Doesn’t ever leave my hand. I always have this thing with me. … I get on Twitter. I text people. That’s about it. [My Twitter handle is] @Sean4Heisman1. Make sure you put that in there!” - Ohio State freshman kicker Sean Nuernberger

“My iPhone. I listen to mixtapes and music.” - Oregon sophomore linebacker TorrodneyPrevot

“My cell phone. I always got to keep it on hand. … I text, Tweet, Instagram, Snapchat.” - Ohio State freshman offensive lineman Jamarco Jones 

“Probably my iPad. … Temple Run.” - Oregon freshman defensive lineman Austin Maloata

“It’s going to have to be my Xbox One. I love video games. I’m a video game guy. I play a lot of Destiny and Far Cry 4.” - Oregon junior offensive lineman Tyler Johnstone

“My cell phone, most definitely. … Instagram. I don’t really have too many games that I play.” - Oregon senior cornerback Dior Mathis

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