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With Finals Over, Let's Talk Space Jam 2


America has made it very clear that the country loves 2016 NBA champion LeBron James. Also something America likes: Looney Tunes. The famous cartoons are beloved by three generations. What happens when you add LeBron and Looney Tunes? You get Space Jam 2. It’s a long awaited sequel to the original Space Jam with Michael Jordan that earned $230 million 20 years ago.

LeBron’s film credits include Fantasy Baseball Camp, a movie about his adult basketball camp, and Trainwreck, a comedy that came out in 2015. There’s a big debate about whether LeBron will do well in the role, and if he’ll be as good as Michael Jordan. There are three sides to this debate.

LeBron will never live up to Michael Jordan.

“I think Warner Bros. is trying to take two things that everyone loves, cartoons and basketball. They’re trying to take the best basketball player and mesh it up with one of the most popular cartoons of all time,” says Dylan B., a 12-year-old from Washington D.C. “Now, I think it’s great they’re making a second Space Jam, but I do not think that LeBron James should be a part of it. I think Stephen Curry, the best point guard in the NBA, should be in it. LeBron is overrated, and I just don’t think it’s a good decision. I don’t think LeBron’s up to the challenge yet.”


LeBron’s great, but Jordan will always be better.

“I think [LeBron] will do fine, but I just don’t think he’ll be as good as Michael Jordan,” said Ethan C., a 12-year-old from Maryland. “Michael Jordan is Michael Jordan, and Michael Jordan is the best player ever, and the second movie is always worse than the first. But LeBron will do fine.”

LeBron will kill it.

“I think LeBron’s a naturally nicer person that Jordan because Jordan liked to get in people’s faces, so he’s going to have an easier time acting like a nicer person,” said Owen D., another 12-year-old from Maryland. “Also, James is really funny.”

Space Jam had a lot of famous and great scenes, but the one that most people love is when Jordan stretches out his hand to make a half-court dunk to win the game at the end of the movie. This sets the bar pretty high for Space Jam 2. The plot and cast except for LeBron and Carmelo Anthony are still unknown, but the movie is set to come out in 2019. It is still unknown when filming will begin.

Space Jam, in addition to having Michael Jordan, included Larry Johnson, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, Muggsy Bogues, and Shawn Bradley. Anthony is already a confirmed castmate of LeBron’s, and many fans hope to see other new stars like Curry, Chris Paul, John Wall, Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Anthony Davis, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Isaiah Thomas.

Even though fans don’t know the storyline of SpaceJam 2, they still have things they’re looking forward too. “Newer players that I’m more familiar with!” said Noah S., a 12-year-old who lives in D.C.

“I’m just excited for a new Space Jam movie!” said Louis Hutchinson, a 12-year-old from Maryland. To many it doesn’t matter if it’s good or not, because you can’t go wrong with LeBron James and Looney Tunes.

Photographs: Andy Lyons/Getty Images (James); IMP Awards (Jordan)