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Fifteen-year-old Moziah Bridges Now Has His Own Line of NBA Bow Ties

Our Kid Reporter spoke with 15-year-old Moziah, who recently signed a licensing deal with the NBA.

Fifteen-year-old Moziah Bridges has always thought, “If you look good, you feel good.” Now this native of Memphis, Tennessee, has hit it big with his international bow tie company, Mo’s Bows, which just signed an NBA licensing deal.

Moziah always wanted to dress to impress, but he could not find anything to fit his style. So, when he was nine, he and his grandmother started making bow ties for him to wear. Soon they stared selling them in their hometown, hoping others liked the style.

Having enjoyed some success locally, in 2013 Moziah and his mom, Tramica Morris, appeared on the fifth season of Shark Tank. Here, Moziah caught the eye of investor Daymond John. While John didn’t feel it would be right for him to make a deal with Moziah at this point in his company’s infancy, he did offer to mentor and help Moziah for free! John took Moziah under his wing, bringing him to many fashion events and teaching him more about the fashion industry. This has proved to be invaluable for Moziah, and he is very appreciative of all John has done for him.

As Moziah’s business grew and he became more successful, many opportunities to travel and meet celebrities or be on talk shows have presented themselves. “My favourite person that I met would have to be [President] Barack Obama,” Moziah says. “He told me to always keep going and never give up.”

And what is the most important thing Moziah has learned so far? “I have learned not to be a sell-out, and go with your heart,” he says.

With more experience and guidance, Moziah was sure to find even greater success. It happened this past month, as he just signed a licensing deal with the NBA. Now, he can make bow ties with NBA team logos on them and cater to a bigger, national audience. He had players wearing one of his bow ties at the 2015 NBA draft, and it shouldn’t be long before we see more players in the NBA wearing Mo’s Bows.

Moziah sees Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook, a player known for being very fashionable, as his NBA style icon. “Apparently people say I look like him already, but besides that, I think he has very unique style,” Moziah says.

Now that Moziah has an NBA licensing deal, are other pro leagues or the NCAA far behind? “I do eventually plan to branch out into other pro sport teams,” he says. “I’m hoping [the NBA deal] will lead to partnerships with other pro leagues.”

His business is now an international sensation, with over $300,000 in sales to date. But Moziah has not let success go to his head and has taken the opportunity to give back. He created his own charity called Go Mo. Its goal is to send Memphis children to summer camp. He believes all kids should be able to run around, play, and have fun, so a portion of the sales from Mo’s Bows goes to his charity.

At only 15, Moziah Bridges is the CEO and founder of a company that is already raising money for his own charity. He is passionate and driven, and the NBA deal is another step towards greater success. And it all started with a nine-year-old who wanted to look good and feel good!

Photograph courtesy of Mo’s Bows