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Fantasy Football's Top Players

With the NFL regular season right around the corner, a look at the top players to take in your draft...

1. Drew Brees, Saints: There is no doubt that Brees is the top quarterback in the draft. His amazing field vision will make him the top QB.

2. Aaron Rodgers, Packers: Rodgers has great arm strength and great receivers. He will likely have 30-plus touchdowns, but his offensive line will need to improve if he wants to be Number 1.

3. Phillip Rivers, Chargers: Rivers was once the back up to Drew Brees in San Diego, but now I feel that Rivers is at Brees's level when it comes to accuracy. That will make him a close Number 3 among quarterbacks.

4: Peyton Manning, Colts: Manning always puts up great numbers and I expect no less from him this season. However, the loss of wide receiver Marvin Harrison will be hard for Manning to overcome.

5: Jay Cutler, Bears: Cutler will be solid this year, but the big question is whether his wide receivers have what it takes and whether he can adjust to a new offense.

1. Maurice Jones Drew, Jaguars: MJD will be the best this year. I expect possibly 18 total touchdowns for the small yet powerful running back who is no longer splitting carries with Fred Taylor.

2. Adrian Peterson, Vikings: Peterson is one of the best backs in the league and will more than likely rush for more than 1,300 yards. My only concern will be that the Vikings may go to the air more often with new quarterback Brett Favre.

3. Michael Turner, Falcons: Turner was a powerhouse running back last year. He ran for 17 touchdowns and surprised many fantasy owners. I expect at least 15 more TDs from Turner this season as he continues his dominant role in the Falcons offense.

4. Matt Forte, Bears: Forte is becoming a great back in the NFL. However, if wants to be Number 1 this year he will also need to continue to be a dominant receiving back.

5. DeAngelo Williams, Panthers: Williams will score at least 10 touchdowns this year, but I think that Jonathan Stewart will get the ball on the goal line more often.