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Day 3 at the 2014 MLB All-Star Game: Media Day and the Home Run Derby

I arrived at the Hyatt for Press Conferences and Player Media Availability. It was really amazing to see how it all works. First there was a press conference where the ASG managers — Cardinals manager Mike Matheny for the NL and Red Sox manager John Farrell for the AL — announced the starting lineups and starting pitchers for the 2014 All Star Game. Derek Jeter was announced as lead off batter for the American League and Adam Wainwright was selected to starting pitcher for the National League.

After the press conference, the American League all-stars were available for questions from the media. I asked questions to six AL players from Jeter to Mike Trout to Matt Wieiters. I was in awe seeing all the great MLB players in one place. The media was bombarding Jeter, but I got in one question: How does it feel to be batting lead off in your final All Star Game? Apparently he hadn't heard this news yet and he acted a little surprised.

Next on the agenda was another press conference, this time with the participants of the Home Run Derby. I asked Reds slugger Todd Frazier if it was more exciting to play in a Little League World Series or to participate in the All-Star Game and Home Run Derby. There aren't too many MLB players that have played in and won a Little League World Series, but Todd is one of them.  He liked the question and responded that they were both exciting, but becoming a major leaguer is what he always dreamed he would be.

After that the media had a chance to talk with the National League all-stars. I interviewed players like Paul Goldschmidt, Freddie Freeman, Giancarlo Stanton, and Dee Gordan. All of the interviews went really well, and Anthony Rizzo, Cubs first baseman, turned a question on me. I asked him how it felt to be an All-Star, and then he asked me, “How does it feel to interview all of these players?” We both felt the same way: excited and honored. I also was able to ask Clayton Kershaw about his connection with catcher and Dodgers teammate AJ Ellis, and he explained with a smile on his face that AJ is a great player and friend.

When the press conferences were over, it was time to head out to the field for the Home Run Derby. Players came out to take batting practice, but the sky got dark and their practice was cut short when it started pouring down rain. The rain eventually ended, and the media was allowed back on the field. But then it started to rain again and everyone once again rushed off the field. The bad weather delayed the Derby by 55 minutes, and even then it began with off and on rain.

Once the Derby began, things got exciting. You can catch up on all the action in SI Kids' wrap up of the contest. But it was a great way to end an action-packed day!

2014 all-star game media day home run derby
2014 all-star game media day home run derby
2014 all-star game media day home run derby