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NBA veteran Chris Paul is more than just a basketball star. He is also a published author, sharing his stories and inspiring fans around the globe through his words.

In his second and most recent children’s book, Basketball Dreams, he dives into the life of his late grandfather, Papa Chilly, and their relationship.

"I think a lot of times kids have heroes, right? And they can be all different people that can come in different forms. It can be a parent, it can be a teacher. It can be anyone," Paul says. "Mine happened to be my grandfather, and I just wanted to tell the story of how he believed in my dreams and how I tried to achieve them."

Paul collaborated with illustrator Courtney Lovett to make his vision come to life.

"It was so nice working with her because it was easy," Paul says. "It was easy in that she's an amazing illustrator, she's so creative."

The "tidbits" in the books are called easter eggs, which are little details with significant meaning. For example, on the cover, he is seen wearing Jordan 13s, the pair of shoes he received in sixth grade from his parents.

Paul’s favourite part of the book is at the end, and they are the portraits of him and Papa Chilly.

"As soon as you finish reading the book, there is a picture of me and my grandfather that is an illustration. Then, there's a picture of me and my grandfather in real life. There's a biography of my grandfather under it, and that was the last picture I took with my grandfather before he was murdered," he says.

With 18 seasons in the NBA under his belt, he has signed countless shoes, jerseys and trading cards. Paul says that seeing fans with his book is "fulfilling."

"It's nothing like walking somewhere, and you hear fans say, 'Hey, I read your children's book before my kids go to bed.' I get goosebumps," he says. "I remember how big of a deal it was as a kid to what book you were going to choose before you went to bed. I hope that this book just inspires them to be anything and everything that they want to be."

Paul adds that throughout his career, he has overcome many obstacles. He is thankful to his parents, coaches, and Papa Chilly for encouraging him to achieve his dreams, which has allowed him to have the platform to create positive change in the world. That includes encouraging the next generation to chase their dreams. 

"It takes discipline, hard work, and then just don't be satisfied," Paul says. "Be ultra-competitive with what you want to do, with what you want to be. I'm constantly amazed day-by-day at what we're capable of as people."