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Cameras In Pylons Give Football Fans a New View

ESPN will have a new way to watch replays of controversial plays in and around the end zone at tonight’s College Football Playoff championship game.

A new technology uses cameras inside the pylons surrounding the end zone. There are four pylons in each end zone, and two cameras on each pylon. That means there are 16 different new angles.

Each camera will point in a different direction. The two on the goal line will point across the front of the goal line and back toward the field a few yards. The two in the back of the end zone will cover the sideline in the end zone and the back line.

The cameras were first tested at the Football Championship Series title game a few days ago.

The people who invented this are still working out the kinks, but they will be among the angles available to replay officials and hopefully viewers.

Photo courtesy Jake Aron

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