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2014 Final Four Day 3 Wrap-Up: Let the Games Begin!

Final Four Saturday was very cool. And as you’d imagine I spent a lot of my time at AT&T Stadium. After all, it was game day! But there was a lot more going on in the arena than just basketball.

During the Kentucky-Wisconsin game, every time Wisconsin scored, a foam top hat that looked like cheese was thrown high in the air. It eventually broke into pieces, but fans were still throwing those pieces in the air. When the game ended and Wisconsin was bounced out of the tournament, the Badgers fans who been loud all game went silent. They left the stadium in pain — and without their cheese hat.

Another cool part of the night was that my seat was right near the players’ tunnel for both winning teams. So during the half, I could tell how the players looked. When UConn came in for halftime, they looked very confident. When Kentucky came in for halftime, they honestly looked sort of sad. Some of their heads were down and they didn’t look confident or into their groove yet.

Another thing I thought was interesting was all the celebrities at the game. They included Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson, who went to Wisconsin, and rapper Drake, who is a Kentucky fan. When they showed Drake on the JumboTron, people were very excited to see him. Dwight Howard of the Rockets was also there cheering on Florida. Johnny Manziel — a/k/a Johnny Football — was there, too, and got a lot of boos when he was shown. Same with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. I wonder what he thought, getting booed in his own stadium!

When the game was over, I had the chance to go down on the court to file a quick video report. Even better, I got to stand on the exact spot for Aaron Harrison of Kentucky hit his game-winning 3-pointer!

During the game, the NCAA announced that there was a record crowd of 79,444 in attendance. That's the most fans ever of any college basketball game. I wasn’t counted as part of the crowd since I was part of the press corps. But I was still able to experience everything — and it was really a day to remember!

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