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Throwback: Chauncey Billups Q&A (2009 ASG)

If any of you guys were following the happenings on about a month ago, you’d know I spent NBA All-Star Weekend in Phoenix this year, trailing all the events live for a running blog on the website. It was a pretty awesome experience… but one drawback I encountered is that, because I interviewed so many players, by the time All-Star Weekend ended, I had a ton of Q&A’s leftover. And no idea what to do with 'em. But now, with the new SPLOG section, I’ve decided to roll them out here!

So stay tuned; in addition to all the other goodies you'll get when you visit SPLOGS, you can also look forward to a series of "throwbacks"; content I may not have used in the past because its expiration date expired, but which will now be posted here. 

DNJ: Which NBA guard gives you the most problems defensively?

Chauncey Billiups: I would probably say, point guard-wise, the toughest guy to guard… probably Chris Paul.  He can have the ball for the whole 24 seconds, running pick-and-rolls. And he’s able to score. So you can’t go under the pick, ‘cause he’s able to shoot it. And he’s so fast and quick, he can finish in the paint. So probably C.P.

DNJ: Are the Denver Nuggets championship material?

Chauncey Billiups: I think we’ve made some strides, we really have. But I think that we’re going to take this one step at a time.  We’ve got great pieces in place, but for now, our main thing is to try our best to get home court advantage and build from there. 

DNJ: How much is the game going to change for this team come playoff time?

Chauncey Billiups: The playoffs are all about adjustments, playing the game half-to-half. You’ve got to be able to adjust, or you will be left behind. That’s one thing that I think that I can bring to our team is knowledge of that, knowing how to do that, how long it takes to do that.  Not only being able to preach that, but going out and doing it. That’s one of the things I’m looking forward to doing down the road, seeing how we can adapt.

DNJ: With the game on the line, what NBA player would you pick to take the last shot?

Chauncey Billiups: There are a lot of them, man.  It’s tough to not say Kobe, the way he’s playing right now, the way he’s been playing for a long time.  Actually… I wouldn’t mind it in my hands.

DNJ: Mr. Big Shot!

Chauncey Billiups: [Laughs] 

DNJ: Is there one guy in the league you’d pay to go see play?

Chauncey Billiups: There’s a few of them.  There’s Lebron, Kobe, Carmelo… I love watching Melo. KG… Duncan’s not the most exciting player in the world, but you can appreciate his craft.  So there’s probably 7, 8, or 9, 10 guys that I’d love to see play.

DNJ: Kobe or Lebron. If you had to pick one as the best player in the league, who would it be?

Chauncey Billiups: Ah man. Kobe- James?

DNJ: Way to wiggle out of that one.

Chauncey Billiups: [Laughs]