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Steve Nash: (Not So) Smooth Operator

What do you do if you're a two-time NBA MVP stationed in Beijing, China (rebuilding a basketball court and hosting a coaching clinic), and you want to play a pick-up game without being noticed?

If you're Steve Nash... you go undercover (cue Jason Bourne theme!).

Take a closer look at that pic. That's Nash in the Captain Jack Sparrow-bandana, the Kareem Abdul Jabbar goggles, and the...

...what's a "Hudson?"


Unfortunately for Nash, the disguise didn't work; as soon as he walked on the court he was recognized by fans, most of whom were eager to trade buckets with the NBA star.

Fortunately (for us, at least), he kept the disguise on while playing for about an hour (he also got in a soccer game afterwards).

Scroll below for more shots of Steve in all his swash-goggle-buckling glory. And CLICK HERE to let me know what you think!

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