My Top Five Favorite Dunkers

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The Slam Dunk contest. We are almost there. One of my favorite and most anticipated events of the year. I always look forward to the high-flying, jaw-dropping, out-of-this-world dunks because, well, it's pure acrobatic awesomeness! While I count down the moments until Saturday's contest, here’s my top five favorite NBA dunkers. 

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His nickname “Vinsanity” is fitting because his dunks always send the crowd into a frenzy. Although his career has quieted down, Carter is known to skillfully execute thrilling dunks including the up and under reverse. During the 2000 Olympics Carter sent shock waves through the basketball world, when he dunked over Frederic Weiss, France’s 7-foot-2 center. Unbelievable!

I have to pay homage to Jordan for his soaring, tongue-hanging jams even though he’s retired. I mean, what's a dunk list with the legendary dunk-master MJ? Whether it was a double-pump or tomahawk dunk, the two-time NBA All-Star Slam Dunk champion always left spectators (and fellow NBA players) in awe. The wizard of throwing it down has many dunks to remember, but his 1988 high-flying launch from the free-throw line slam is hands down one of the greatest dunks. Ever.

When Superman is in the building, opponents should watch out. The Magic center gets major hang time with alley-oop slam dunks. All it takes is teammate Jameer Nelson to serve up the ball to Howard for a monstrous two-hand slam. And let’s not forget one powerful stat: Howard has led the NBA in dunks for five straight seasons.

I had to include the rookie on this list—the dude is electrifying! No other player is wowing crowds with slam dunks like Griffin. And defenders already know that once Blake has the ball near the rim, he's going in. Or should I say, up! He'll split the defense with an explosive one-hand slam or unleash the windmill dunk on a fast break. The Clippers' forward is simply a spectacular one-man highlight reel.

The NBA's first three-time Slam Dunk champion, Robinson has a powerful vertical leap as a 5-foot-9 guard. In the 2009 Slam Dunk contest, Robinson used the 6-foot-11 Dwight Howard as a human prop and dunked over him. Robinson not only dazzles during All-Star Weekend, he’s known to grab an offensive rebound for a put-back, one-hand jam during regular season games too.

So who are your top five dunkers? Let me know in the comments below!