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Knicks City Kids Do Their Best Harlem Globetrotters Impressions

Talk about skills! The Knicks City Kids typically shimmy and twirl on the court during half time and timeouts at home Knicks games, but this month they hit the hardwood to show off their basketball moves. And they didn’t perform just any kind of moves. Decked out in their New York Knicks gear, the young dance troupe tried out the entertaining tricks of the legendary Harlem Globetrotters at Madison Square Garden, displaying the flashiness and flair of the famed exhibition basketball team. Keep reading to check out a clip of the kids in action!

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High kicks while dribbling the basketball and bounce passes between the legs weren’t a problem for this group. Click HERE to watch a video of the Knicks City Kids talk about the Harlem Globetrotters and have fun spinning basketballs on their index fingers, performing flashy passes, and demonstrating their snazzy ball handling.