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King James Conquers Charlotte with 61-Point Night

OK, so it wasn't quite as good, scoring-wise, as Melo's 62-point night in January. But yesterday, LeBron James set personal and Heat records by lighting up the Charlotte Bobcats for 61 points. And he only took 33 shots. That's primetime. Oh, and he also contributed seven rebounds and five assists as Miami defeated Charlotte 124-107. (Fun fact: Carmelo's huge night came against the Bobcats, too.)

If you missed the game, here's a recap of every one of his scores:

LBJ has always been dominant, but what accounts for the superhuman explosion last night? Maybe it's his face mask. He's been wearing the gear after breaking his nose, and in the three games he's worn it LeBron is averaging 37.3 points per game and making 67 percent of his shots, according to ESPN.

Maybe King James should make the mask a regular part of his uniform. It doesn't look too bad with the headband, even if his first mask was way cooler.

Photo: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

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